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Ive seen some old threads not sure what has been updated so excuse me if this is a double thread .

i have connected an Eken H9R and i can see video stream but i have three questions/troubles.

  1. QgroundControl from herelink is super iffy with recording. I get what most people write, i press record it freezes or crash QGC (2 crashes by now meaning bye bye set buttons) have to press it again and again. some times i get lucky and i can record+ see the video stream
    is this going to get fixed?

  2. QGC makes *.mkv videos inside its folders in the herelink CG , none work , are those suppose to work ?

  3. Solex looks fantastic ! button mapping is great and the record video works the videos are playable and i can stream atm! But i have to connect a usb to the air unit to download the videos.
    i) Is this correct ? i need to usb connect to pc to download the videos?
    ii) there is no way for the videos to be recorded from the stream in the herelink GC?
    iii) Is there some way for the herelink CG to download (sync) the videos from air unit ?even better a wifi app to get them directly to pc ?

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If it works on Solex but not QGC, then that’s the App’s problem. You may try to reflash the firmware on Herelink, or clear the cache of QGC in App Settings.

We have been aware that QGC video options are not working on some units. Please replicate the problem and generate a bug report.

The Solex should record the picture and videos in Controller’s album. They are saved in screenshot style. If you want full camera resolution, you should use the autopilot to trigger the camera.
There are no way to transfer files between Herelink and computer wirelessly. Alternative is sharing video stream to your computer and capture the image/video there.

Hello Alvin ,

Thank you for your reply,

I’ll try to generate a bug report next time.

The Solex should record the picture and videos in Controller’s album. They are saved in screenshot style

where do i find those videos in the controller? and what is screenshot style ?

All i want from the Eken H9R is to be used as an fpv so i can peak while its in a mission but also record each flight for safety /potential issue trackability.

The videso i found in the airunit can i get them from the controler ?

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The video should be found in Herelink launcher > App menu (the icon with 9 grid at bottom-right corner) > Gallery. Just like ordinary Android smartphones.

There is also an option in Solex > Settings (icon at top-left corner) > App Settings, which to select “Store files externally” and “Air-Unit record” if you need them.

The Herelink records video or picture by saving what it sees, which means they are constricted by Herelink’s own resolution. Herelink is not getting the full resolution image from camera.

If 1080p is enough for your purpose, that shouldn’t be an issue.

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Hi Alvin,

Thanks again for your reply.

I did see those *.mkv videos there but i couldn’t play them from the herelink unit or windows . i used vlc player and cccp codex , those two play everything except the videos from herelink .

Could you please advice on how to play them back ?


Does it work with pictures? Or only video files are not working? I assume you used Solex for recoding?

i was talking about videos from QGC.

Am using Solex now and that seems to behave amazing !


Hello all,

I was getting also problems with Qgroundcontrol, when trying to record video. So I updated my Herelink today. Now it is even worse. QGroubdcontrol freezes every time you try to record video.

I tried soles and it works perfect. However In Solex there are a couple of things that I miss from Qgroundcontrol so far. I will switch and start evaluating Solex.

hi, what is you SOLEX version