Viodeos records with telemetry

Hello, is it possible to record telemetry on my video recording? I want to be able to read the speed and the distance on all my video recordings?
i m using Cube Purple and Herelink Solex, but QGC perhaps.
thank you very much, André.

No. The Herelink take pictures and video in the screenshot style. If you want to integrate the picture details into the files, you will need the camera itself to do this. Eg: mavlink compatible camera.

ok thanks, but that doesn’t suit me.
if i want to keep herelink transmission in hdmi i don’t see how. but maybe there is the possibility to recover a LOG file which indicates the distance traveled (from the wheel encoders) and put it in subtitle format (SRT) and then embed it in the video in postprod. what do you think Alvin? Can I find this LOG file somewhere? thank you for your help and that of the community, ++

The ardurover log already contains this information if you have encoders activated.

But this seems not an existing feature.

If you are not connecting the camera to autopilot (or at least in mavlink network), there are no connection or interaction between them. Thus there are no way to put the data into video, as far as I know.

If you connect the camera to autopilot and trigger from there, you can at least get a stamp/tag/message in the log, which may help to align the starting time of video in log.

ok I see…i think the best solution it s to change my cam, i think to buy an Firefly split 4 k with an OSD connected to telemetry port and stream video with micro HDMI to my Herelink Airunit.
what do you think about ? it s a good idea ?

non pas bonne idée finalement car l’osd ne passera pas par le port hdmi… :angry:

ok i m going to try this :
Firefly + osd +Converter Av/Hdmi + herelink to hdmi 1 (to see and record Telemetry on videos)
and firefly directly to herelink hdmi 2 (to see only videos and record without telemetry).

Can’t comment on your choice on camera, because I have never used it before. Maybe you can ask for some suggestion from the compatible camera list discussion, or from Ardupilot forum.

ok, i m going to do this…thank you…++