Voltage and current sensor setting

I have a brand new cube orange in the ADSB carrier board and it is all setup and working with a hereLink. The issue I am having is that I am not able to read the voltage and current correctly from the power module. I have the power module plugged into power2 on the carrier board but I never see more than 9 volts (battery is 11.45v) and I never see any current. I tried a bunch of combinations of module types but nothing worked for me. I also tried plugging the module into power1 with the same results. Can someone please let me know what the correct settings are for this module. Thanks in advance!

Did you actually measure the voltage of the battery with a multimeter at the same time you were observing it trough the cube?

Are you selecting the correct Cube as it’s different on Orange and Yellow compared to black.

The Power module should be the HV and just work.

What sort of current draw are you getting as well as it need some draw on it overall.

It sounds like your inputs are wrong.