Voltage and current sensor setting

I have a brand new cube orange in the ADSB carrier board and it is all setup and working with a hereLink. The issue I am having is that I am not able to read the voltage and current correctly from the power module. I have the power module plugged into power2 on the carrier board but I never see more than 9 volts (battery is 11.45v) and I never see any current. I tried a bunch of combinations of module types but nothing worked for me. I also tried plugging the module into power1 with the same results. Can someone please let me know what the correct settings are for this module. Thanks in advance!

Did you actually measure the voltage of the battery with a multimeter at the same time you were observing it trough the cube?

Are you selecting the correct Cube as it’s different on Orange and Yellow compared to black.

The Power module should be the HV and just work.

What sort of current draw are you getting as well as it need some draw on it overall.

It sounds like your inputs are wrong.

Hi folks- I hate to keep coming back to something that should be so simple, but this just is not working for me. I have a brand new cube orange in the ADSB carrier board and I am running a 3S lipo which I measured at 11.3V. I set the monitor to “analog voltage and current” and sensor to :7: Cube HV Power Module" and Hw Ver to " Cube Orange". However, the settings change themselves to all kinds of things when I leave the page an then come back. I must have set the settings 200 times and most of the time the change in their own. I have set most of the rest of the settings without any issue and the only one that changes itself is the battery module. I have seen that this was possible as a result of the bootloader and I updated that with no help. For a while I was able to see a fairly accurate voltage, but never any current. With a measured voltage of 11.3V under no load I would see 11.0 volts on mission planner when the battery is under load. Considering the load this is probably pretty accurate. On the current side I have not measured it exactly, but it is easily over 1 amp. I am running a gimbal, HereLink air unit, 7 high torque servos and the Orange Cube from this battery through the power module.

Any thoughts on how it is possible that the system changes the settings on its own and why I would never see current?

I should mention that I am running version 4.0.4

I join because I too have a brand new Orange and with a 6S, setting Analog Voltage Only + 7: Cube HV Power Module + The Cube or Pixhawk, I don’t get any battery voltage display either in MP or Herelink
The Cube Black I took apart gave the value perfectly

-------->>> CORRECTION

I could have removed the post after finding out why but hopefully this will help.

Actually MadRC has hit the problem. There is a choice for ORANGE which perhaps goes unnoticed; so when the multiple choice opens, the last entry is for ORANGE … everything ok !!

Yeah, I have set mine to orange and for a while I was able to see voltage, but no current. I am also still having the system randomly change my settings. If I set it to orange it might be something else in a few minutes randomly.

Update your boot loader and try the latest firmware.

@MadRC I saw the messages on the forum about some trouble with the bootloader and I updated that about a week ago. I updated the firmware right after that and am running 4.0.4 copter (i.e. traditional helicopter).

Other than the power module settings everything else is working well which makes me think it is a hardware issue on the power module.

Just to show you what is happening here is a video. Perhaps I am setting something wrong or doing it in the wrong order. But here is what I am seeing. It is a cube Orange on the ADS-B carrier board with 4.0.4 copter firmware, an updated bootloader and it is all brand new and being setup for the first time. The battery is a 3S, 2200mah lipo which I measured after the video at 12.29V. As you can see in the video the voltage reading is <10v which is pretty far off. I have not measured the current but be more than enough to register something. In the video the battery is powering the Cube Orange, a 5.1V BEC which runs 7 servos for a helicopter and a hereLink air unit.

I have reported the same. But it does show right values once its has taken the setting.

It seems like this issue remains in 4.05. I set it to other & Cube orange, calibrate it, and it shows correct voltage the first time looking at the data screen (no current) and then it reverts to the default (incorrect) calibration and no HW Version selected.

Is there a trick to make it take the setting? It always bothered me that there is no save button.

Same problem here. Using 4.05. I set the battery monitor to other and Cube Orange. There doesn’t appear to be a way to make it take the setting?

Have you guys reported it on Ardupilot as it’s looking like a bug on that end ?

I’ve seen the same behavior in 4.0.4, I have just resorted to only using the param list to deal with the battery settings. I had to experimentally determine which pin was what but I got it working.