Voltage drop during boot-up

We have a strange phenomenon. From 3 Cube Black, two of them are breaking down at boot time on CAN1, Serial2 etc. The cube flashes orange, and the moment it is permanently orange the voltage drops to almost 0V, then the voltage goes back to 5.2V. In some cases it does not boot at all.

The following peripherals are connected: Here2, CanFlow, SSD1306, Benewake TF-Mini. But it doesn’t matter, even if all is removed, the voltage drops at boot time. Tested with different carrier boards.
A third Cube (all Cubes with Copter 4.0.1RC2) boots normally without voltage drop… one of the cubes even breaks down permanently if 2 TF-Mini are connected. The third boots also with 2 TF-Mini quite normally… are they broken?

To start with, the TF mini needs to be externally powered for best results.

It’s normal that the periph voltage drops to zero during boot up, that is the correct behaviour. But if it doesn’t come back up, that would indicate you have an over current or bad voltage supply

Thanks for the info! Then I am satisfied that the cubes are not defective! :slight_smile:

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