Voltage reading on QGC app on Herelink shows zero


The voltage on the QGC app on Herleink shows 0.02V. The battery parameters are set correct. On Solex and Mission planner(connected to the Herelink hotspot) shows the correct readings. Any suggestion?



what kind of voltage and current electronics are you using? Is Mission PLanner showing the same readings?


Hi, I am using Mauch sensors. The readings shown on Mission planner and Solex are accurate. Only on the Herelink QGC app it says 0.02V always.

very strange, did you restore by default the HereLink? may be you have change something.

Do you use the two telemetry Port? Right?
IF you use the mavlink have some bug with mavlink of herelink and mavlink you using or etc such as gimbal…

Hi, Telem 1 is connected to Herelink. Telem2 is connected to the Gremsy gimbal.

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Please send your case to support@gremsy.com
They will help you better.
or please setup MSG rate in Gtune as same picture.
Gtune=> Setting=>Control=> Mavlink=> MSG rate

Okay, I will try that. Not to deviate from the topic but since we are talking about Gremsy, I have a problem that when I open the mavproxy terminal to control the gimbal, the terminal is flooded with ‘Time has wrapped’ and ‘DO_MOUNT_CONTROL ACCEPTED’ messages constantly. Have you experienced this issue?

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Bug come from pixhawk, because when the pixhawk send command the gimbal wil ACCEPTED.

Please contact support cube to more information!
thanks you!

Which version of the Gtune app you are using, because I dont have this ‘MSG RATE’ option. I have the v1.4.3 installed.