Voltage value and channel 9 to 16 blinking

Hello i’m using a pixhawk cube orange with 4.1.2 FW. all is good, drone fly well, i’m using an herelink and mission planner on my pc.
sometimes i have 0% 0 Volt on herelink with “low battery message”
sometimes i have the good value
i use a standart hex brick power module.
i always have the good voltage value on mission planner (value ok on MP and 0 on herelink)
after few minutes the voltage appears but it’s not a rule. I saw that this can appear too when mission planner is connecting to the herelink.

i fly with this drone " ou 4 times for tests and all was ok.
i check the power module wire but all is ok on mission planner, always the exact value.

is it possible that the herelink as a pb? i saw another strange behaviour on herelink channel page, chanel 1 to 8 are normally fix, ch 9 to 16 are blinking on screen

it’s strange, is anyone had already have this?
the herelink is new and the seller (foxtech) said me it had been updated.

Not sure about the voltage issue but my channels 9-16 blink as well.

That’s interesting you mention the inaccurate volt values on Herelink. I was certain it was a fluk displaying inaccurate voltage. It’s intermittently happening to me and figured it was a result of configuring the power brick incorrectly.

After checking the ArduPilot instructions and assuring the brick was setup correctly, I gave up. Thanks for posting this, glad I’m not the only user this is happening to.