Want to use:- two ( 6s 6200 mah lipo battery ) with my drone and get the battery voltages and mah capacity ratings on solex tx app on herelink


I want to use two ( 6s 6200mah ) batteries with parallel connection giving me the output as 6s 12400.
How can I get the battery voltage and mah capacity readings in solex tx app in herelink ?

Any suggestions ?

Dual power module? Probably from Mauch Electronic?

Will it show individual battery pack voltage ?

In solex tx herelink ?

Will it show individual battery pack voltage ?

I have never use this product before, but probably not. As you can see the connection, it combines the battery senses into 1 and feeding to POWER1 only.

I haven’t used it before but I’m a user of one of the power modules. I have used a lot of different power modules but the Mauch one is still the best I have ever seen.

If I read the description of the hub I think it is a good solution for some scenarios. Otherwise you can still use both power ports and monitor the batteries on you’re own, can’t you?