WARNING: long mapping flights might crash QGC and reset HereLink

We had an issue with a freezed HereLink (showed fastboot on the screen and did not react) which still transmitted SBUS signals recently.

I think I have now narrowed the problem down to an issue reported before here: QGC freezes mid flight in Stable Release - #7 by Albert_martinez

So I want to warn everyone who performs long mapping missions and uses camera feedback that this might result in a dangerous freezing of the remote controller.

You can avoid that by regularily restarting QGroundControl during and before each mission.

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will be good an explanation of this issue…

Hi Tobias,

How long was your mission which potentially caused this problem?


Hi Sven,

QGC begins to slow down after more than 300 images and freezes somewhere after more than 400 images.

With our system that happens after 10 to 15 mins (~10 ha).

That the system resets completely is not always the case. This was actually the first time during a flight.

We have a workaround now. But I think it is something one should keep in mind.


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I think it is a memory issue. It would be quite easy to fix but unfortunately this has not been done. I don’t understand why. I think this is a serious issue.


I had something weird happen today. Had a mapping mission on repeat and in solex I believe the app crashed after I had about 200-250 waypoints sequences. I had to close down the app and use my secondary telemetry to trigger a RTL

Hi @hextd ,
i do not know if this problem is solved. But the problem relies on QGControl.

I don’t know if the Cubepilot developer had already merged this.

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