We take your safety very seriously

Hi all
2019 has been an interesting year to say the least!

We started with an awesome high delivering the HereLink!

Unfortunately we followed up with having to ground 6000 of you :frowning:

As much as that hurt us all, we don’t regret our immediate actions on the matter, since then we have had a few more SB’s and we won’t hesitate to issue more if needed.

However, there are a few things we don’t control, that we need your help on, we need you all to make sure that the information you are getting is accurate, and correct advice.

Lots of helpful advice around, but occasionally some really dangerous practices cause issues.

A few tips…

1 docs.cubepilot.org, followed by Ardupilot.org Or PX4.io are the key places to get info…
2 if you can’t get the information you need there, ask here!
3 if you find an error in either wiki, please edit it, we will review it and bring it in!
4 Any issues related to firmware can’t be our responsibility. We are hardware manufacturers, we take responsibility for only that part.
5 careful with updating bootloaders… the bootloader is your get out of jail free card. If you overwrite is, it’s 100% at your risk. Unless we tell you too, our advice is a solid… don’t.

Looking forward to 2020! The year of orange!


Looking forward to an amazing 2020! :rocket:

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