What kind of antenna connector has the antenna on the Herelink?

What kind of antenna connector has the antenna on the Herelink?

that is an mmcx right angled connector

I am talking from the receiver not the transmitter.

yes, this is for the receiver ( airlink unit )

How about that GCS antenna connector? what type is it. Mine broke and trying to replace the antenna…

Do you mean the zherelink gcs unit antennas ??

Yes, Herelink Ground unit antennas. And has anyone tried directional antennas for higher range?

It is nearly impossible to break that antenna. You might have had a bery bad day for this to happen. The way to remove those antennas is by pushing inwards and then twisting it either clock or anticlockwie to lift the antenna from its socket.
This is a BNC style connector antenna socket seen in the early 80’s on T.V and VCRs antenna outputs. .
I must say here the Herelink guide doesn’t indicate the correct removal procedure of the antenna and therefore people tend to break them !!..::slight_smile:

Haha, good one! Any replacements I can buy on ebay? Amazon?
Is it standard, like any BNC will fit?
If I bought more directional antenna - would the range be longer? or is it software locked to a certain distance?

you just need to search for a bnc standard connector either from Alibaba or Ali express

It’s not a standard BNC. It’s a mini-BNC. I could only find 75 Ohm. Not 50.

use the following link


Unless some Herelink ground units have different antenna connectors, they are all a custom BNC connector that is not available to buy anywhere that I am aware of. It is not a BNC, it is not a mini BNC, and it is not a micro BNC. This is at least what I was told by Proficnc, a company that seems to be part of CubePilot. Why anyone would make the decision to not use a standardized connector is beyond me, but there is a simple workaround:

If you open up the back of the Herelink ground unit, you will find several standard U.FL connectors hooked up via internal wires to the custom external antenna connectors. To use an antenna of your choice, plug it directly into (via adapters if needed) one of those U.FL connectors. Be aware that U.FL connectors are only designed to be removed and attached up to about 30 times, so a permanently-attached adapter may be helpful for reducing wear and tear.

I don’t believe it’s a mini-BNC either. I was told by Proficnc (part of CubePilot, I think) on Facebook that the antenna connectors on the Herelink ground unit are custom (i.e., not standardized).

Because of that, if you want to connect an antenna of your choice, you might have to open up the housing of the device to use the internal U.FL connectors that are currently wired to the “custom” (incompatible and rage-inducing) external connectors.