When will be avaiable on Stable branch?

Hi there.

I tried the HereFlow, and it’s working quite well. I had to install latest 3.7 dev branch (chibi), otherwise it can’t be seen by the cube. Now, i need to use it on the stable release, since i use that on my commercial stuff, and latest dev seems to be … quite untested (SITL crashing, hardcoded EKF variance, and so on). So, other than try it (dev) when/how we can use it on the stable?

BTW: i tried it with both GPS enable and disables, as user guide suggest. When GPS was disabled, i could not go up more than a couple of meters, then my quad stopped lifting. I could only go horizontally or descent. With GPS on, i could go up freely. Is there a way to use hereflow positioning to, at least 10 or 15m? Even if lidar is not good at taking height, i only need horizontal loiter

Tridge mentioned in the ArduPlane 3.9.10beta1 patch notes that ArduPlane would be starting a beta for 4.0.0 based on master branch soon. I would expect ArduCopter to not be too far behind that, but I could be wrong.

You can always get involved in the development team and help speed up the process…

Sponsor a developer…

Do some code yourself?

Hi Philip. Before asking, I evalutated to contribuite writing needed code, which consiste to port Can to stable, but it’s too big and messy for My skills

You shouldn’t be “porting to stable”
Helping test master is just as useful

If something is “ported to stable” then stable is no longer stable :slight_smile:

Testing master and all the new features to de-bug it faster is how this will happen

Hi Philip,

Thanks, i will do