Where do I find a CubePilot specification

I would like to see trusted (official) specification for CubePilot for
Position: Lat/Lon/Height
Attitude: Roll/pitch/yaw
Both with and without RTK.
For different types of cube.

Can somebody please direct me to the proper official site?
thank you

The Cube can achieve whatever you want and is not the limiting factor - it depends on how much you wish spend in capital and time making an entire system that achieves what you expect.
The model of Cube wont make any appreciable difference here.
You can easily find the IMUs used and their specifications, but who can say whether you will have a very “tight tune” with extreme position accuracy for the sake of jerky movements, or smooth movements but slightly relaxed position holding (for example)
A lot of the attitude control depends on your chosen components, such as GNSS unit, props, motors, frame and your assembly quality. Then you get into tuning and about 1000 parameters you can adjust…

Hi Shawn

Thanks for your answer.
I’m looking into out of the box performance for a Rover frame. With the GPS antennas from the typical installation and a typical IMU orange cube. Something which you can buy off the shelf without spending too much time and money.
Do these specification even exist?

No, because it’s too dependant on construction choices made or not made, and how much time you spend tuning and adjusting the build to suit your own requirements.
All I can say is the Cube is not the limiting factor, it will be able to detect the vibrations of you walking around in the room - it’s how you use it that matters.

Sorry, that does not make sense to me. There must be some benchmark documentation showing that with that GPS and that Cube the system achieves this performance metrics.
Anyways, I will keep looking, thanks.


It does not make much sense that there is not formal specification of the Cube.
Assuming that the system is configured correctly there should be documented and measured formal performances metrics for accuracies.

The comment about detection of a person walking in the room makes no sense whatsoever and is irrelevant to what I am asking. If you do not have anything sensible to say, refrain from answering the question. Thanks for your understanding