Where to buy another air receiver herelink?

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Where to buy another air receiver?


Contact your reseller, and get them to contact us

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we buy it on aliexpress, and in their store they don’t have only complete loose air receivers

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Please contact a real reseller that’s closer too you! The reason we have resellers is so they can help you and support you.
Support them buy purchasing from them.

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near the canary islands? I don’t think we have to always buy in china, uk, usa etc


You can purchase in Spain, UK, France.

It’s not just about the location, it’s about choosing a reseller that can support you.

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in Spain tell you where to find a replacement air receiver module, or france.

you know where? it’s just for having spare parts for our 5 herelink units



Ask a reseller… anywhere in the EU or UK is fine.

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I contacted my local reseller (Robotshop in Canada) to get a new air unit. They told me it was impossible to get only a air unit from you. This is the email my reseller got from you.

Hello, Cristina,
We do not sell that on our website. Sorry
Let me know if you need anything else.

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That same page they told me that web page among others, so I see something frustrating to buy a station and not be able to buy loose air units


All the modules shipping at the moment are shipping as sets.

Some distributors are willing to split packages up into individual units.

But we are not yet selling individual units

This will come, and distributors can contact us to discuss how to support you at the moment.