Which 3-Axis Gimbals for Camera?

Hi, which gimbals are you guys using?
My problem is, there are some good DJI gimbal-cams, but can not use because DJI…
Actually I am testing DJI pocket 2 + Cosmostreamer, posible to control all features via Herelink-Network from PC, control Gimbal via Raspberry Pi and Herink Controler or PC, that´s pretty cool!
But only 720p 30fps, I need 1080p 60fps and camera & gimbal remote control (zoom, photo…).

The Gremsy´s+ camera are quit more expensive and heavy weight, but i didn´t found other solutions? (except some manufactors like Foxtech, viewpro quite expensive for something i don´t know anything about…support could be a problem of these products…?)

I am thinking of using DJI Ronin SC gimbal (SBUS-Support), about 250€ and a sony Alpha with Seagull #REC2? Does someone use a DJI Ronin for fully remote control?