Which firmware version is best suitable with herelink

Which firmware version is best suitable with herelink. I am facing this problem after update.
Potential thrust loss , drone unable to handle after this warning ,it goes up without control.

That message has zero to do with Herelink and it’s related to your crafts hardware or software configuration.

We would need a lot more info to understand more however that massage is usually related to a design issue with weight/thrust.

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24rth drone I am assembling , I am aware of hardware as well as software.This problemm arises when I am using herelink, Please tell which firmware version are you using with herelink.

this message comes from ardupilot, ive seen this if you do auto missions that include a takeoff, and have turned on things like spoolup speed on. this creates a divergence in the expected vs actual climb rate, and can cause this message. you dont provide enough info to really say anything beyond this

@Michael_Oborne @MadRC @Alvin I am updating herelink , this problem arises.I have repeated same process 3-4 times but after updation herelink restarts and this problem arises.
which firmware is best suitable with Herelink.

Were you following this guide to update?


this is a recovery console error screen, which means its failing a check on the new firmware. have you modified any of the partitions? i would suggest a factory reset to return it to a known good state.