Which Flight Controller for OMPF ZMO VTOL


I want to put a controller to run Ardupilot in thew new OMPF ZMO VTOL. I will also need to put a raspberri pi 4 in there for other purposes (telemetry, camera, etc) so space is going to be limited.

So I am asking for a recommendation of the smallest controller that:

  1. Has no reduction in flight handling characteristics. So if I need a faster processor but need bigger, I will do that and somehow make it fit.
  2. Can connect to the raspberry pi and be fast enough for communication without issues.
  3. Can do autonomous flying with flight plans
  4. Any other features I need won’t be

Here are some videos of the size of the fuselage area:
Go to 1minute:

Go to 1minute on this video too:

Go to 4:36:

Any Cubepilot autopilot will do.
Cube Purple will do, but it has only 1 set of IMU and no heater. It will still be fine if you want to exchange redundant with little cost (Not recommended).