Who wants to make money$$

I have…
*Tarot X6
*Pixhawk Orange cube
*TMotor u7 v2 490kv
*Lumenier 35A BLHeli_S ESC OPTO
*HERELINK HD transmitter

I’m very new to this hardware and doing these types of setups so I need help & I’m willing to pay for anyone’s time… I have everything put on the drone correctly. The thing I’m having issues with is getting the esc’s calibrated(currently using PWM but I’m open to using DSHOT if that’s anyones preferred method). The second issue that’s hard for me to understand is programming my HERELINK remote where I can assign my switches
A… Arm & disarm
B… Retractable boom legs
C… Flight mode
D… Camera tilt

I do understand how to go into SOLEX app and assign buttons(aside from the camera tilt) but what do I do from their? Do I then have to go back into “MISSON PLANNER” and assign ANY switches in their that I assigned in the Herelink SOLEX?

I’m open to people leaving comments for help, but I would really love to pay someone anyone to do a Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype and have them show me exactly what I need to be doing
If your a professional cool😎 if your not that’s okay also as long as your familiar with this stuff & can break it down where we get it all working!
Probably will take 30-45min of anyone’s time and I’d be willing to offer $400 paid Cashapp, venmo, Zelle, Walmart to Walmart, Western Union, or any other method preferred to the person helping me🙏

A) I would not use a button but sticks and software (e.g. QGroundControl)

B) use a combination of sbus and Arducopter configuration or use the automatic deployment only.

C) which are the ones you need?

D) how is your camera connected?

I’m willing to support you via TeamViewer and Skype etc. if you donate the money to the Against Malaria Foundation via this link: AMF

Are you familiar with HERELINK my friend?
I like your ideas & where your going with this, but it all has to be done using a Herelink remote?

Yes I’m quite familiar with both, Arducopter and HereLink. I have configured a lot of different drones for mapping as well as for wildlife detection and drone seeding.

Okay sounds great!
Referring to an earlier question you asked me about which flight modes I would like to use & how is my camera mounted?

Flight modes… #1 Stabilize & #2 Altitude Hold

Camera… It’s just a basic up & down servo. I purchased a gimbal a few days ago and should be coming in another 5 days

I am looking forward to receiving your help if we could please hold off on this until next week until the gimbal comes in it would be perfect. I’m thinking sometime between Wednesday(8th) & Sunday(12th) anyone one of those days that your available is perfect… Would you like me to private message you on here or is their a better way you would like for me to contact you?
Your very much an inspiration that their are still good people in this world knowing instead of pocketing the money you want it to go to a foundation🙂 This world needs more people like you and have to say whoever your parents are raised you right & would be proud and I’d be open to donating more just for your efforts💪