Why 2 S.Bus Outs on Air module?

Good evening fellow Cubers.
I have a question regarding the HereLink Air module.

What is the reason for having 2 S.Bus Outs?
Is it to drive 2 separate Cubes?
If it is only for a single cube, is SB2 designed to go to the Spektrum/DSM pin on the Cube (IO-USART1_RX_SPEKTRUM_DSM)?

I watched the video from MadRC and also found the HereLink Manual on the Hex website, but cant exactly figure it out.


Update: Philip Rowse replied and said:
“There will will only be one S.bus out on production”

I asked if they are changing the hardware or changing the output of S.bus2.
His reply:
“Changing the function. It will be a future use item”

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