Why this Herelink brand?

is this another split brand of herelink?

https://es.aliexpress.com/item/4000838243358.html?mb=0nvGz3Z2kXeWZKm&srcSns=Copy+to+Clipboard&tid=white_backgroup_101&tt=sns_Copy&image=H4a26bfa10be34c3eb43785420973989eV.jpg&aff_request_id=1fe424a6bcea4192a7e076685f5ec436-1588085212923-04814-_d9bkJfX&spreadType=socialShare&aff_platform=default&sk=_d9bkJfX&aff_trace_key=1fe424a6bcea4192a7e076685f5ec436- 1588085212923-04814-_d9bkJfX & businessType = ProductDetail & templateId = white_backgroup_101 & title = R% 24 + 5.169% 2C77 ++ 29% 25de + discount +% 7C + Cuav + novo + telelink + hd + sistema + de + transmiss% C3% A3o + de + dice + v % C3% ADdeo + 20km + for + fpv + rc + zang% C3% A3o + helic% C3% B3pter + quadcopter + simulator + de + v% C3% B4o + toda + a + banda & platform = AE & terminal_id = f16d4e69dfc546348488ea69bd4cc008

I wonder if this is the cause of the license key?

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The truth is that I was surprised to see this, you can ask your provider and if you have any questions

CubePilot brought the Herelink system to market and helped develop what is the Herelink FPV system. With that they have also been supporting and developing it from from the software side too.

CubePilot was the first to bring this system to market and will be the only place you will get regular updates and specifically the new Solex TX App. Further to that this will be the only place you will get support for this system in all likely hood and random vendors will simply stock dump and run. You won’t see the help like you have here in these groups as well as the documentation that’s now in the Wiki that some of us have helped put there for everyone.

There are a number of reasons some very similar looking systems have appeared on the market as I understand it and @philip is the only one who can really answer that however from my point of view while you may see similar systems you will not have access to the work that’s being done by the dev team here on those devices especially with Kelly and Solex, you won’t have support or any real future updates.


ok perfect, it was also a doubt to see it on aliexpress.

because a client of ours saw it and sent it to us, we recommend the client to buy Herelink on the official or distributor site ok

I think using a reseller on the CubePilot website would be a good idea.

Just to reiterate

CUAV like to blatantly copy our products, and in this case, rebrand them.

They do not have a supply channel for these, nor do they have CE, FCC, or RCM certificates. As such it is not legal to use a CUAV branded grey market product in Europe, USA, Australia or most other countries around the world.


Wow, that is really a copy. I would get a little bit angry if some one would do that to me. From now one I will enjoy typing the code during the update procedure, I have some units left to do that.

I did not know what kind of a company CUAV is (but did not consider to buy something from them either). It might be good to have a list of similar companies where one does not want to buy stuff.

When my client asked me for help in which station to buy

Between Herelink or Telelink (CUAV) tell you buy Herelink this is 100% reliable Herelink brand.

I know CUAV from years ago, but I still know it was a copy of Herelink and that’s why I posted it here so philip would know immediately