Wi-fi networks disappears from Herelink Wi-Fi List

Dear CubePilot Dev Team,

I am experiencing a strange behaviour with two herelink units.

I use a 5GHz wi-fi router in a Local Network in order to provide RTK corrections to herelink. Two of my herelink units suddenly stopped to see their RTK routers. I tried everything anyone can imagine to revert the problem, even made an Android Factory Reset on it and I wasn’t able to make it see this specific wi-fi network again.

The strange part is that any other kind of Android device is able to see these wi-fi networks, and herelink is still able to connect to internet via our domestic wi-fi networks.

Anyone has a clue on it?

Thanks in Advance,
Bruno Bagarini

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May I know what region do you set for Herelink?

Good morning Alvin,

We always setup our herelink to US.

Philip Rowse told me about the known issues regarding Japan configuration, but it is not the case, and even a Factory reset of the ground unit wasn`t able to solve the problem.

Do you have another wifi network to try? Eg: hotspot from smartphone

Good morning Alvin,

Yes, I have another wi-fi networks and all the others works fine.

About the network that disappeared (it already occured with two herelinks and two different routers), any android device is capable of connecting to the router. We tried Factory Reset on the ground units but it did not work as well. The only way to restore it was replacing the 5G Router.

Can you try to log into your router and check if it is assigning IP addresses in range of 192.168.0.x?
It looks like the router’s problem to me.

Did you check the Wifi-channel which the router is using? Do not use a channel above 36. Some routers do auto “optimization” for the channels and you end up with a high channel which the HereLink will not find. That is at least my experience.

Dear Alvin and Tobias,

Thanks for the update, I will double check these points, but these routers are setup as like any other domestic wi-fi network. The only difference is that this router does not have Internet Access, it is only used to send the RTK Corrections to the herelink ground unit, in a Local Area Network. Maybe the lack of internet access on it makes the herelink automatically “forget” the network?


IP in range of 192.168.0.x will interfere with 2.4GHz ISM band which Herelink is using.

Ok Alvin, I will check it.