Wifi interferences while using Herelink

in the past I had problems with my home wifi network while using Herelink system at home. My Laptops lose connection to the router, wiwi-ssid was no longer found. After shut down Herelink system, the network work´s well again, that was reproducible. Are there any known issues?

herelink is an outdoor system with quite a powerful radio onboard, so this is not surprising. If your modem and revices have 5.8GHz wifi available, it may be best to use that as Herelink LTE is in the 2.4GHz range only. this is why Herelink wifi is in the 5.8GHz band not 2.4

Ok, the problem is, there are many companies here with many wifi-networks in the building. We need to do some tests with the radio in the builiding. We have our own (large) rooms but we cannot responsible for affecting the internet connection of other companies. Is it possible that the system will break down wifi-connection in other rooms?

You may try to change the frequency setting in Herelink Settings App and see if any combination would not interfere the wifi too seriously.

  • Freq: Select frequency manually
  • DL BW: Downlink bandwidth: 20M for less interference scenarios and long distances. 10M for noiser scenarios.
  • UL BW: Uplink bandwidth. 20M for less interference scenarios and long distances. 1.4M for noiser scenarios.
  • Hopping: Toggle DL frequency hopping. It is advised to turn it on to automatically select the most ideal working frequency.

Hi Alvin,
If using no sbus input at all with the air unit, only video, and rather using an external remote and receiever connected to the cube to pilot the craft, would we want to go with the 10M downlink and 1.4M uplink for a “noisier scenario”? I havent experienced problems at around 200 feet away. Wondering if Ill be fine closer to 2500/3000 feet

The range variate with multiple factors. The only way to figure out would be properly setup failsafe and carefully test it.

If your RC is using 2.4GHz as well, that would be a next level of interference as it is mounted so close to Herelink. We would not recommend using them in this way.