Will this number of connections to the Cube be possible?

I need confirmation from someone more knowledgeable than myself whether I am about to exceed the connectivity capabilities for the Cube on the standard carrier board before we go to Council for the project funding for this bridge inspection and photogrammetry drone.

What is the best combination of ports and protocols to use?

The component list is:

  • Herelink x 2 (for dual operator)
  • Retractable gear
  • Lightware SF11/C LiDAR rangefinder (I2C available)
  • Gremsy T3v3 gimbal
  • Airpixel Entire camera controller
  • AIDA HD100A low latency (70 ms) FPV camera (HDMI)
  • Sony A7r4 or similar camera
  • Drotek Sirius RTK GNSS x2 (for GPS heading)

The airframe is the T-Motor M1200, which is why I can hope to carry all of this!