Wind oscillation

Hey guys! So I have set up a T-MOTOR M690B and have a few it flying great in att hold manual but position hold in the wind it gets pretty twitchy.ile post my my pids and log in the morning.any tips to make it less twitchy in wind?I can go full stick move movements in any direction with absolutely no occultations.I’ve been fighting some vibes mostly on the y axis but can’t quite get it yet.I’ve set a harmonic notch based on wiki but doesent quite get me where I would like to be or Atleast comfortable in anything over 8 knots of wind.x axis vibes are about 2.0 ish z axis are about the same but y axis get up to about 2.8-11.0.any help is much appreciated and ile have logs up soon!!if your not familiar with the M690b it has 18.46 props with a 6s liion batt about 700 size frame