WPNAV Speed in Mission Planner and QGC

Good morning everyone

I would need to understand the speed criterion in automatic navigation

Whether in QGC or Mission Planner or Solex, it seems that the system is insensitive to the set speed (default is not less than 5m/s). I don’t remember exactly the tests carried out a month ago but maybe if I insert a value> 5m/s then ok, but if I insert lower values, it seems that it is always 5m/s

How can I change the behavior also for lower values? Do I have to change the WPNAV parameter?

I think (but correct me if I am wrong) that by inserting the low vaori of wpnav_speed and wpnav_loit_speed the system will start from those values
For example if I have setting wpnav_speed = 500 and wpnav_loit_speed = 500 and I want to go to 2m/s, and put 200cm/s, the system always acquires 500 which is the visible value for example confiring> extensed tuning …
If I want to have a speed range set from 100cm/s (therefore 1m/s) to 1200cm/s/then 12m/s) then I will impose wpnav_speed = 100 and wpnav_loit_speed = 100

it’s correct??

thank you all