Y6b crash here 2 pix 2.1 tekko 32 blheli

this is mi setup
pix 2.1
here 2
esc holybro tekko 32 blehly
tmotor 3508 380kv 14x4,8
frame y6b
i will start mi discuss with a serius problem that i have with this setup, before update all hw i have a old version of that frame with about 100 flight with no problem. i had pixhawk original 16bit blhely setup 3.5.7 firmaware. i have setup the new one with same setup of timing and pwm frequency 16degree ad 24khz.
hw upper here and 4.0.3 versione
first flight was done with no issue only some sluggish control. the second flight the drone start to oscillate in pitch axis and the crash .

can anyone help me ?

below both parameter and log of new one



Something is throwing off your position estimates shortly before the pitch oscillations in the 2nd log, and the loiter controller doesn’t seem to be doing much to correct it:

Unfortunately I can’t tell from the logs what would cause this; the 1st log doesn’t show anything wrong with the position estimate in the few instances it was in loiter mode. Someone more experienced would need to look at this.