Yaw error over high voltage pylon

Hi everybody

Today, during a acquisition work with multispectral and thermal tehe, they passed over a high voltage line (about 220k volts)
The mission planning was rather accurate … The line was about 25/30mt from the ground and my flight was 50 meters (due to restrictions on a nearby military airport it was not possible to get up more)
Passing above the cables of the tension I saw an anomalous rotation despite the route was always correct.
In the video you can see what happened … do not miss the high voltage cables that are at least 15/20 meters lower

The configuration is Cube Orange + Here 3 + Herelink

I ask if it is possible to have more protection on the compass; I know that someone will say (rightly) that the geomagnetic signal is very firmly so you need a great amplification, etc. etc. etc … but I ask if it is possible to have the compass a little more robust.

After all, other toys were in flight (Phantom, Mavic, etc.) but they didn’t have the same problem (passing even closer !!).

I want to clarify that the compass is calibrated well and has never given me problems


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I make the GPS compass works and works great

hope will work for you

Dual rtk gps for heading is the way to go in these types of scenarios. No mag needed then and heading will also not be impacted (unless whatever you are around can kill your gps) but generally this is the path.

Makes sense though when you think about it. Current is highly magnetic so being above it would impact your mag. No 30m is pretty far but not really depending on how much is going through. Switch to gps heading and you won’t think about it again.