Yaw not responding (toilet bowl)

i have pixhawk 2 cube and herelink on the 650 tarot frame 400kv xing motor 15’’ prob and hobbywing xrotor 40a esc
and i used 6 cell battery
i did the esc,compass and radio calibration also i tuned the motors as it’s in here Tuning Process Instructions
after i completed all parameters i tested it and went crazy totally unstable and fast and crashed …
i had this problem after i changed the motors (old motor: sunnysky 600 kv it was stable )

this is my parameters and i used arducopter 3.6.11 firmware

bad flight.zip (4.4 KB)

note: i used arducopter 4.0.1 and i did not found the auxiliary channels in the flight mood section so i flashed 3.6.11 again

You need to post the .bin file from the flight controller.

Toilet Bowl = bad compass calibration

That .zip file couldn’t be opened.
Cross posting is not polite.
This forum is about the cube, your problem is related to Ardupilot.
I noticed your post in Ardupilot and will reply there when you post your .bin file

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@mboland i just posted the .bin file in that post and i’m sorry for the cross posting i didn’t know where i get a better advice

I have a Ardupilot drone that does the same. While sitting still the compass drifts. No kitchen table fix on this particular drone since the compass is a very small surface mount chip. I will try flying in super simple mode just to test ‘controllability’, but that doesn’t make sense on a high end drone.

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Tell us EXACTLY STE-BY-STEP how you are seeing this compass drift.

FWIW, the compass is NOT USED when you are flying in Stabilize Mode, so there is no need to use Super Simple mode to test “controllability.”