"Yaw (RC4) is not neutral" error

Every time I attempt to arm my UAV I get the error “Yaw (RC4) is not neutral” I have done every calibration I can. I have done it in QGround Control, on the Herelink hand unit, and in Mission Planner. I do not know what this error means and have no idea of how to resolve it.

Edit/Update: The right stick appears to be defective. Any movement of the right stick results in full left roll. Could this cause the problem?

How did you not notice this if you have gone through RC calibration for multiple times?

Like, you should have notice 1 axis is not moving in this case. And calibration whole let you pass if 1 axis is missing.

Also, there are 3 calibrations in the whole thing: hardware calibration in Herelink, sbus calibration in Herelink, RC calibration in autopilot (Mission Planner/QGC). Can you confirm they really passed?