Yellow Cube Information



I’ve been developing my own flavor of PX4 for years and have been flying it on Pixhawk 2.1 / Cube Black hardware. I’m ready to pull in support for the Cube Yellow. Where can I find the necessary information for this, such as schematics/port mapping, etc? Does the architecture share any relation to the PX4 FMU-V5 spec, or does it more closely match the FMU-V2/Cube Black, or is it something entirely different?




It is exactly the same as cube black for ports etc.
just new sensors look at the hardware def on ardupilot for information

FMUv anything is irrelevant now, it’s just noise.


Thanks for the info. To clarify, by “port mapping” I mean at the MCU level. Is it still true that this matches the Black?

If I go here…
And click on Cube Yellow, it takes me here:
If I click the link on that page for more info, it leads nowhere:

This sort of helps, but still doesn’t give details of MCU connections and other onboard hardware:

Just an example of the details I need:
At the simplest level, where do I find which UART maps to which autopilot-level serial port?
Which sensors are on which MCU-level SPI bus?
At a lower level, I see that IO PWM voltage is now 3.3V/5V selectable in software. Where can I find definition on how this is implemented in hardware?

Can you point me more directly to where I can find this level of information? A schematic for the Yellow FMU board would be a great start.




I’ve managed to scrounge a lot of what I need out of the hardware definition files from the ardupilot source. Maybe that’s what you were suggesting… I read it as meaning the hardware pages on the ardupilot site.

I might have what I need for now, but would certainly be appreciative if you could point me to any better documentation. Reverse-engineering it from the ardupilot source is less than efficient!




It is exactly the same as black. Exactly