Z-Axis Vibration in large Y6

I made many changes to the original frame to try to solve the vibration problem on the Z axis but with partial success.
I made the following changes from the original setup
Cube black
Motor MN505S 320 kw
Propellers 20" and 22" (test propellers)
Frame motor to motor 105 cm:

  1. I mounted the Kore board on the rubber pads
  2. I eliminated the joints on the front arms
  3. I have shortened the front arms
  4. I reinforced the frame with 4 L-shaped aluminum bars that connect the arms
  5. I mounted T-Motor 20-21 "propellers

The vibrations during autotuning are in the standard values, while in Auto they go out in particular the clipping increases quickly.
At this point I think the center plates are too flexible and a 3mm plate is needed

Not related to vibrations, but could you mount that GPS up higher away from the batteries and electricals?

My primary compass it’s the RM3100 and the second the compass in the Here2, and I have not interferences

I had similar issues on a quad 8 with similar motors propellers, I think because of the motor wires, rubber dampers on Kore does not work, unfortunately i solved that problem with using original cube carrier board with rubber damping plate (cheapest one on internet) and using Kore only as PDB. If you find a suitable way to keep Kore from vibration please let me know also :slight_smile:

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HI @doug this damping system work well with my setup

Zero Clip Z now, increased a little bit Vibe x but in the range, I’ll try different rubber type.

that looks good, my main concern on using Kore on big drones motor and power wires will carry some vibrations if they are a bit tight. If you keep this post updated, it will be appreciated.