Zetson nano connection with Cube Black

Can any one tell how to connect Zetson nano with cube black

Yes, it can be configured with pixhawk cube. The details are mentioned in the following link:

I need your guidance regarding obstacle avoidance methodology using zed stereo camera + NVIDIA Jetson TX2 + Openkai.

I am looking forward to implement obstacle avoidance in pixhawk cube running arducopter and would like to inquire the following:

  1. Can you please about the robustness of the technique, how much effective and reliable it is?
  2. Did you find any delay in distance measurement or range degradation issues during your trials using the technique. This is very important in case of high speed copters i.e. 10-12 m/sec as if the distance measurement is late, it is very likely that the copter strikes to the object before it is detected and braking is applied.

Thanks in advance.
Yasir Khizar

Can anybody help/suggest regarding obstacle avoidance in copters using zed-tx2-openkai. Is the methodology robust and is good to detect/avoid obstacles at high speeds of 12-14 m/sec?