ZMO VTOL + Herelink Telem

I have been trying to get telemetry / vehicle connection from the OMP’s proprietary FC to the air unit on the ZMO. My question is, which wires from the Air Unit UART need to be connected to get Telem from the FC?

The FC has a 4 pin connector:
1 +5v
2 Telem Tx
3 RX sbus
4 Ground

The air unit SBUS1 is connected to pins 3, and 4 and controls are working fine.

The air unit UART 3 pin connector is:
1 RXD 3.3/5v
2 TXD 3.3/5v
3 GND Ground

Air Unit pin1 (Here RX) is connected to FC pin 2 (FC TX)
Air Unit pin 2 (Here TX) is not connected.
Air Unit pin 3 is connected to FC Pin 4 (FC GND).

What am I missing here to get the Herelink to show up in QGC or Solex or MP? Any help would be appreciated.


I don’t really understand your picture. Why is TX/RX with (sbus)?

The telem is a serial connection. Connecting TX, RX and GND to the telem port should be fine.