Additional video receiver with HDMI output

(Jeumont) #1


Is there a way to add a second video receiver or monitor with HDMI output.
We have to get the live video output but decoding with VLC on a extra PC introduce too much delay.
Can we receive the HD video on the ground with an extra device?

Thanks a lot




(Jeumont) #3

Good news, but when?
Is it a question of days, week, month ?
Or can we already use some commercial device present on the market?
Best regards.

(Cameron Sweden) #4

apparently a USB to HDMI connector works

(Jeumont) #5

Thanks for the info, we will try.
But our application need the camera HD video without OSD and GUI.


(Cameron Sweden) #6

Double tapping the main view brings up just the camera feed. I cant remember if its removes the osd completely but im pretty sure it does.


Yep, double tap on the screen and OSD goes away

(Roger Paudex) #8

Hi Cameron,
Are you using another USB to HDMI cable than the UGREEN?