Additional video receiver with HDMI output


Is there a way to add a second video receiver or monitor with HDMI output.
We have to get the live video output but decoding with VLC on a extra PC introduce too much delay.
Can we receive the HD video on the ground with an extra device?

Thanks a lot



Good news, but when?
Is it a question of days, week, month ?
Or can we already use some commercial device present on the market?
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apparently a USB to HDMI connector works

Thanks for the info, we will try.
But our application need the camera HD video without OSD and GUI.


Double tapping the main view brings up just the camera feed. I cant remember if its removes the osd completely but im pretty sure it does.

Yep, double tap on the screen and OSD goes away

Hi Cameron,
Are you using another USB to HDMI cable than the UGREEN?


Good afternoon colleagues! I purchased a Hama microUSB-HDMI MHL H-54510 cable with the MHL protocol - the image could not be displayed, apparently this adapter does not fit. Please add a list of compatible cables for video output.

So far we have only recommended the ugreen

Hello, I don’t find the Ugreen micro USB to HDMI adptater on the market. what other device might work?

Thank you


the keyword you are looking for is MHL, the adapter must support MHL

Yes I understood MHL protocol. But I try with this device for example:

And don’t work with Herelink, and with others devices it is OK. So I understand why the adapter MHL doesn’t work with the Herelink…

Thank you Regards