Back tail sevo opposite working

working on fixed wing(v tail). my back tail servos are working in opposite direction,suggest me solution…

which mode are you testing in?

Which setup instructions did you follow?

Working in FBWA mode.

right servo(rudder IN CH 4 and left sevo (evelon) in CH 2…

so it works fine in FBWA mode? but not in manual?

no it is not working fine in fwba mode servos are moving in opposite direction when we lift plane.

Then reverse the output in the servo out parameters

ok & i’m using flysky(FS-I6X) ,can you tell me setting(system) required for fixed wing(MINI TALON,V TAIL)

Fix it in FC not flysky

Do not touch the transmitter settings.

when we give full throttle plane moves slowly forward but does’nt take off,even when we throw it falls immediately?.kindly help me with this…

Sorry to ask the basics… but have you checked the logs? Is the output sending full throttle? Is the propeller on backwards?

yes the propeller is at backward…

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we have all done that at some stage.
I assume this is fixed now?

when i throw plane it does’nt take off ,servos are moving correctly,can you share parameter list.

can you post a video of the plane? show it in FBWA mode, and gently move the aircraft around on all axis so we can see the control surfaces.
then please put it in manual, and show the control and the inputs.

we cannot send you parameters, as we don’t know anything about your build.

ok i’ll send it in few minutes

video can’t be send by this…suggest a better way so that i can send video …

Upload on YouTube

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