Beta 2 information update about the April Delay


I’m going to jump in here as it’s a very real possibility your talking about me.

The review or videos I have posted on Herelink show the system as it is today on the Beta 1 firmware, there is nothing on there that was shown that did not work or does not work at the time as far as remember but I will watch it back again in the morning to double check.

I waked though what the unit does as it stood today and I also made it crystal clear it was a beta product and software and that it will change.

I will admit I missed the RC control locking up issue with entering the Android system until after I had done the video as I had not done that in flight, by the time I spotted it I had heard it was being reworked and at this point I choose not to highlight an issue that was going to be fixed in release as it really did not make sense to say something that’s already on the knows issue list.

I 100% did state I would not expect hardware to change too much and I actually regret saying it now, but that was my opinion only based on what I had seen of it and some comments made, I was wrong but the actual change that Philip made was overall minor I know that won’t change Beta 1 units but it’s not like it’s un usable it just needed more throw to make it better to control, however I will apologise for that as that’s on me as I did say it.

As for the reviews I want to make it clear that Profi had no input in me doing them and in fact it’s very probable Iv done them more harm than good on that side of things showing it unfinished. The unit I had was on loan simply because I was so keen to see it 3dxr very kindly gave me access before I could make a purchase happen, this was not any deal to do it or promote it or them it was simply me really wanting to see it and talk about it but could not able to afford to purchase to do that, they helped me out that’s all.

Again I do honestly believe Herelink is an important product for the self build community and that why I was excited about its release and really wanted to show it, as I said I did make it clear it was in Beta and I gave no time scales on when that would end, I am sorry your unhappy but people have to also understand these things can take time and it’s better to wait to get it right than it not be at all.

I’m am saddened your unhappy with it especially if you feel I may have mislead you too as that’s never my intention, I will take somethings away from this one too having learn my self having read your post, it was never the intention or the goal to have this kind of response later after talking about it.

It’s good news the next beta will be here shortly as people are waiting and i know it’s been longer than anyone hoped but i know Profi want this as good as it can be. No product is perfect and I could write a list the length of my arm what I think could be changed but the realty is this is still a major step forward, once all the software it tied down this is looking to be a real game changer if people can just hang in there.



Thanks Ian

And just for the record, the change to the gimbal knob doesn’t add throw, it just changes the assembly method to improve the build. I doubt anyone will notice the difference.

I was hopeful that the mod would allow more throw, but it won’t.

I am However confused at Craig’s conclusion that it’s “unusable” we have a whole beta section on this forum… but there are no posts from Craig asking for any specific improvements other than wanting a ratcheting throttle for plane.

We won’t be adding that feature at this stage unfortunately, but as most of our vehicles are autonomous, this is not a major concern for most plane users.

@craig, is your unit broken? What makes it “unusable”?

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Ok cool, shame but not end of the world.


Oh boy,it looks like I’ve created a bit of a stir!.
It wasn’t my intention at all.
I was probably mistaken for venting my frustration out about the delay in the software,if any offence was caused,then I am truly sorry, Philip.
Also I must apologize too Ian whose video series wàs most helpful.
It is also reassuring to know that the gimbal wheel travel hasn’t significantly changed.
I am now in the process of building herelink into a multicopter it’s out of the fixed wing now!!.
It seems to be more suitable for this considering the centre throttle.
Once again I apologize to you all,I am just impatient, should keep my trap shut!.

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Your frustration is shared by us! We want this out the door so badly!

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Will there be a fixed wing version? That is none spring loaded throttle. Or perhaps to make it easy to remove the spring would make the most sense.
I am sorry, I have not been following the development for the past 4 months. So not sure if this was addressed.


Yes it’s been addressed. Arduplane now has reverse thrust options. So get esc with reverse thrust for short landings. Problem solved


That is not the same thing.
We have reverse trust setup for many years on most of our fixed wings, it is noting new. But is it for autonomous landing. Not for our users to try, that is dangerous.


I fly fixed wing with a centering throttle. There is no plan for a changed behaviour for this years model.

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I intentionally put my horus to spring loaded throttle. If flying manually and you take finger of stick anytime with or without spring it’s dangerous

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Have you started shipping hardware? Im still waiting on an order from FoxTech


Not yet, beta software released, if it goes ok hardware will be next week


Hi! Any news on the shipping date???


Same answer…


Just so people know some dealers have stock of beta 2 units I believe.

3DXR in the UK so have some stock as of today.


Any word on progress?


Distributors started getting stock today!!!

#59 is shipping them worldwide


In stock in France at Airbot Systems