The Wiki is a work in progress, but here is an outline of how to update your Beta HereLink to the latest Beta firmware.

Any questions on the process, please add here.

Thank you to Siddharth and the rest of the HereLink team! It has been a long journey, but it’s finally time to get this software out there, and get more hardware shipping!


Is Solex in this release?

Looking at it no but lots of nice improvements :slight_smile:

No Solex yet, this sets up the backend for Solex. One step at a time

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Cool beans :).

I just update Remote Unit and AirUnit and everything looks fine except I can’t get them pair.
Before upgrade everything works fine.
Any guess?
I do the pairing procedure but fails every time.


Did you use flash_all_except_data script?

The Air Unit firmware has only the flash_all_except_data_storage and not the flash_all_except_data script.
If you mean this I have done it and after the update its shows me 2 folders, one DCIM and another flight_log folder. Correct?

Can you try updating using flash_all script instead?

Thank you.
Now everything works fine

really excited to try this. ive extracted the Air Unit folder fine but the Remote unit tells me its corrupt. ive tried a different computer and extraction program any ideas? using windows 7

@sidbh How to share video over network. and How to configure Mission Planner on desktop.

It appears reading release notes : set up android hotspot from from herelink(probably set up for 5GHz) then with other device log into it.

Just a quick question. I assume the Air end need to be external powered when updating.

Doh missed that twice.

Sorry seen it now.

Rather than removing it, just posting how you solved it can help others…

@Stelios, @sidbh,

Same trouble here. After firmware update with ‘flash_all_except_data_storage.bat’ files
on remote controller + air unit, i was unable to pair.
I updated one more time the remote controller with ‘flash_all.bat’, and nothing changed. But after re-flashing the air unit with the ‘flash_all.bat’, the pairing procedure worked.

solved my first problem. But now when i enter the CMD prompts nothing happens. When I look at device manager the Herelink shows as OPTIMUS with the yellow triangle warning me it cannot find a driver.

@Cameron_Sweden Can you execute adb devices from CMD Prompt and share the result?