Button mapping QGC latest Firmware

my herelink just arrived some days ago and I installed the latest Firmware Update.
I`m using the QGroundControl App because I need the feature for mission planning, which are very complicated in Solex.
Everything works except the button mapping.

I want to use PWM via the Cube AUX OUT as shown in this video at 7:41 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yByb-alSAEw

but in the latest Firmware it does not look like in the video.
How can I use the AUX OUT for things like steering the gimbal or controlling a servo?
Stupid question: Is it possible to downgrade the Firmware?

Thank you very much!


That is a previous firmware. Things have changed. You have to wait until updates come and bring back the functionality. I hope it wille come soon, I need it too.

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It will, and the good thing is, the next updates will be OTA which is much easier.

Team are working on this request


Thank you very much for your fast reply!
Do you know an approximate date when the button issue will be fixed?

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That is great. Is it likely that the following updates won’t require an airunit update?

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Airunit updates would be rare, as most of the functionality is baked into Herelink control unit.

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sorry to ask again but does somebody know an approximate date or time when the update for the button issue will be released?
I don’t want to hurry you but I need to know if I have to find another solution for getting the PWM signal.

is the “long button press” functionality coming back? I really miss that. Also, please bring back the option to map those buttons to any specific channels.

Because right now, Herelink feels like a remote with just 5 channels and some buttons to change the flight modes. In my opinion, it undermines the effectiveness of the controller.

yes, look into Solex to see how it should be. It will be better than before because you can emit any Mavlink command you like.

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Yes, Solex is much more powerful in this.

Up to now, hopefully?

I would agree. But it would be very useful to be able to toggle back and forth and have a momentary PWM besides the Mavlink stuff. I’m still fighting getting the cam trigger to work.


I use PX4 with cube and herelink to fly a VTOL quadplane. The previous version was working fine with me but why remove assigning buttons to channels? Now I can’t change between MC and Plane modes with one button. And also (maybe this is stupid to ask but) can’t find the slider to arm/disarm vehicle. Is this also removed? If so why?

Hi Philip, not sure if Solex is more powerful as we haven’t try it, but seems people are having problems with video streaming in Solex?

This button mapping issue could be a nightmare for many people including us. We just ordered 3 more HereLink for our new project, and the reseller was so kind to help us to upgrade the new firmware. But now the long-press function in QGC is removed without any notice in advance ?

Is there any chance we can get back to the previous firmware?

Video streaming is being looked at now. I tested this a lot yesterday and been sent back and the guys are looking at it. Some behaviour that was not initially seen is now happening it seems around input 2 and dual input especially.

At this time my advice is a single camera on input 1 is solid and most issues appears around dual inputs and a single cam on Input 2.

I will also add this also seems a little camera specific but that’s all being looked at.

This is being worked on.

For Buttons.

Currently the buttons are working on Mavlink inputs. You can get virtually identical behaviour to the last firmware with Solex mapping the buttons to Aux outputs, you can have short and long press and well as set the output PWM via the Autopilot.

The only real difference here is you are now using the Autopilot Aux channels rather than SBUS. It also allows for you to be able to map the camera wheel to both Yaw and Pitch control and swap these via a button too.

It’s been clear people also want the buttons mapped to Sbus channels and I know they are working on that. However it should be added that as these are soft buttons and not witches there is some behaviour that is also understandable in a reboot situation.

The safest overall behaviour is to map your devices to the Aux channels and set the default lower PWM to the failsafe you want settings imo. While this is not ideal for everyone it’s the safest overall behavir for failure.


So I’m using PX4, and as far as i understand PX4 doesn’t work with solex? So I’m stuck with qgroundcontrol. Do you know what happened to the arm/disarm slider?

Hi Ian, thanks for your prompt reply. Please forgive my poor English as I am not a native speaker.

As much as we appreciate HereLink (that’s why we bought quite a few and make it the standard package for some product lines) and all efforts from dev team, it’s really difficult for us to say that we are happy with the new firmware release.

Solex is not ideal for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that it is not as popular as QGC and not cross-platform at least to our understanding. In addition, people can easily find tons of QGC documentation and tutorials on internet, but I am not sure if this is also true for Solex.

The long-press was there because HereLink simply does not have enough buttons for handling all the channels. To be honest, one of the major problems we have with HereLink is limited wheel/buttons even with the long-press function.

I would really appreciate if we can get the previous firmware back, so we can at least deliver our products to our customers with promised operating features.


Hey guys, any chance for momentary button press on Solex as well with the next FW? Thnx!

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Our project has stopped due to removing channels from qgroundcontrol. Now herelink has only 5 channels with qgroundcontrol. And in order to command a VTOL transition a channel must be assigned. Since we can’t do that, we simply can’t fly our vehicle with this update. We can not use solex either since we use px4 firmware. Any suggestions? Will this be fixed? When? Can we go back to the previous state of update?

Drop PX4 and go for Arducopter. It will be fixed and it will be soon fixed.

I think it would be very important to have more detailed release notes which describe changes more clearly. Especially if more updates are coming its very important to know which behavior will change.