Calibrating ESC's with herelink controller

(Robert Petrosky) #1

hi i am thinking about buying a herelink and i would like to know how to calibrate the ESC"s for my new build on the herelink…! thank you for your help.!

(Teseract) #2

Ensure the HereLink is left powered on for the reboot of the ESCs

(Robert Petrosky) #4

dear philip thanks for the help and is there any videos of this on youtube or any docs other then on arudopilot .?


The ardupilot docs are accurate

(Robert Petrosky) #6

thank you philip i guess i will buy one and see how it go’s.

(Ian ) #7

Most ESC are pre calibrated with known defaults these days. No reason you can not calibrate via the RC will a SBUS converter or via Ardupilot direct however you are far better using a servo tester now or even programming the ESC manually if you can. Remember the output of Ardupilot is full configurable so it’s less a case of calibrating the RC to the ESC and more deciding what rage you want to configuring that’s.