Herelink and ESC calibration


I like to know how does the user use the Herelink to calibrate the ESC?

In this following website, it shows the user how to use conventional RC to calibrate, we try to follow the conventional method to calibrate but do not hear the step 6. Wait for your ESCs to emit the musical tone, the regular number of beeps indicating your battery’s cell count (i.e. 3 for 3S, 4 for 4S) and then an additional two beeps to indicate that the maximum throttle has been captured.

We are also not sure how to ensure we had entered into ESC calibration mode.

We hope someone flown with Herelink could share with us how do you do the ESC calibration.
we are using the Cube flight controller with the PC QGroundcontrol version 3.5.4 and Ardupilot 3.6.10.

I use dshot to avoid calibration. If your esc support that I would suggest going that route

Typical ESC Calibration from this website seems to work using a separate power source after ARM.

We have finally found an approach to get the “police car siren” with Herelink for ESC calibration.
We used 2 power sources, one for Herelink only, one for FC + ESCs + motors.

We keep the Herelink Air unit always powered on and connected to Herelink RC and follow the steps mentioned here.

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Easiest is actually to use ESC programming card for that.

It seems to me that the FC must be involved and it was done after Joysticks and RC calibration.

hello Jai,
I did try all the steps but it does not work.
The safety button on the GPS does not displays solid red, which I think is the reason of the Autopilote to not switch into ESC calibration mode. If you can provide any help, it will be helpful on my Project, I am building a VTOL. I am using Pixhwak Cube, mission planner.
Thank you

I keep the Herelink onboard RC receiver/ Air unit always connected and powered by battery A.

FC, ESCs, and motors on battery B. I followed these steps from this website.

Battery A never disconnected during the entire ESC calibration process.
Hope that it is helpful.

Thank you
Let me try!

The problem I encountered is when I disconnect the Battery B (on which the FC is plugged) I directly lose the communication with herelink, How can I solve this problem?