Camera FPV CubePilot?


Your Herelink system is great, but it’s hard to find cameras that are 100% compatible with it.

I wanted to know if you would consider offering your own FPV camera just to have video feedback, like on Racer Drones which have two cameras, one for video feedback and a second for HD recording?

The bandwidth is not enough to support 2 HD video sources at the same time


Thank you for your reply.

I can express myself badly. I wasn’t talking about having two video streams at the same time.

Currently, to shoot with a GoPro Hero8, I use a Firefly Split 4 camera for video feedback. The GoPro only records and is not used for video feedback.

The Firefly Split4 camera is one of the few small cameras with a micro HDMI output, but the video link is unreliable. To overcome this I am using the VGA output of the camera and added a VGA to HDMI converter to have a more reliable video link, but that is a lot of electronics to add to have a reliable video link.

So I wanted to know if you would consider offering a simple 100% Herelink compatible FPV camera ?

You may check from this discussion

Original Firefly Q6 is the best choice onside small fpv camera for herelink. It works well!


Thank you for your answers.

Thanks for the info Banne_RC, I will order camrea Firefly Q6 to try !