HERELINK - Compatible camera list

(__Airbot Systems) #1

Below the list of the cameras witch have been tested and reported working or not working with the Herelink
Any help to grow the list is welcome. If there is any specific settings to use, please tell it.

**************** Working ************************************

GoPro 3_______________Stock/out of the box settings
GoPro 4_______________Stock/out of the box settings
GoPro 5_______________Stock/out of the box settings
GoPro 7_______________Stock/out of the box settings
ZCam E1______________Stock/out of the box settings
Foxeer Box2___________Specific settings (search for @UlrichC message for full infos)
Flir Duo Pro____________Stock/out of the box settings
Sony AS200V___________Stock/out of the box settings
Sony a5100____________Stock/out of the box settings
Sony A6000____________Stock/out of the box settings
Sony A6300____________Stock/out of the box settings
Sony A7R______________Stock/out of the box settings
Sony A7Rii_____________Stock/out of the box settings
Sony RX1Rii____________Stock/out of the box settings
Sony RX0 mki___________Stock/out of the box settings
Foxtech Seeker 30 max___Stock/out of the box settings
Waltter move 500________Stock/out of the box settings
Firefly split 4k___________Stock/out of the box settings (hot plug not supported)


************ Not Working ****************************************

Workswell Wiris Mini
Xiaomi Yi

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HDMI FPV Camera Recommendation
(HG) #2

Sony AS200V

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(Banme RC) #3

Gopro hero 7 black^^

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(Duncan) #4

FOXEER box camera - stock out of the box settings

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(Banme RC) #5

Really? I have one foxeer box 2. But it cant make any video stream to herelink!

(Duncan) #6

Yes, I have the foxeer box 2 and it works with here link just fine.

(David R. Boulanger) #7

Sony a5100. Plug and play.

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(Banme RC) #8

How did you do? Please guide me! Thanks


Feel free to add to your list any of the units people mention in the comments, just by editing your original post.

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(Banme RC) #10

I am not sure foxeer box 2 work with herelink.

(__Airbot Systems) #11

@Duncan_Hine, can you confirm for the box2 ?

(Duncan) #12

I definitely have a box 2 connected to a here link working.

I have a new box2 due in the post, I will makes video of it connected.

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(__Airbot Systems) #13

@Banme_RC, maybe yours as a problem ? this cams are firmware upgradable ?

(Banme RC) #14

Oke I will check and show you the firmware version. I tested this out of the stock haven’t update firmware yet

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(Banme RC) #15

I have just checked my foxeer and here is version.

(__Airbot Systems) #16

@Duncan_Hine you turn :wink: ??

(Cameron Sweden) #17

Flir Duo Pro works fantastic

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(ben wilkinson) #18

Tested working
Sony A6000
Sony A7Rii
Sony RX1Rii
Sony RX0 mki

*** Not Working - Workswell Wiris Mini ****

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(__Airbot Systems) #20

Added, thank you Ben