Can a Herelink be used just for video transmission?

I am looking for a HD solution, 1/2 mile range (well maybe a mile), dual camera (front view, rear view), with recording ability, and ability to view both streams live on a monitor/tablet/whatever.

Cameras and transmitter would be installed on the roof of a real race car (my friends son races whats called a “Legend” car). Cameras would prob be GoPro?

So my question would be, can the Herelink system be used just for its video transmission abilities (since there is no flight controller), and can it stream both cameras at same time?

My apologies if i sound like an idiot. Feel free to correct me :slight_smile:

Yes, you can.

Thank you! Just watched the videos, and wow! I think this is what we want! In the video he mentions that a future firmware update will have PIP (picture in picture), had that happened yet?

Also, does the controller have HDMI out?

I don’t think PIP has been implemented yet.

For HDMI output you will need an usb to hdmi connector. Go check out this discussion Additional video receiver with HDMI output