Can I improve GPS reading accuracy with 15 minute hangtime, and taking the average?

Imagine i need to physically mark 4 corners of a field as exactly as possible, on known coordinates. Normal GPS isnt that accurate and i dont have the ability to use RTK.

Could I let the drone hang for 15 minutes and then take the average of all GPS readings that i receive in that time, so as to probably be more accurate in my marking?

Is there any clever way to do that? Like an extreme ‘glitch’ handling, it flies on a ten minute average reading just for that corner, something like that.


Here3 gives RTK

I doubt it would increase any accuracy over time. Here3 is a great option with ublox M8P module for the price of M8N. Also gives RTK option.

No it will not you will end up with a drifting point cloud with a true point that may or may not be in the center of the cloud,
Also if your drone is hovering it will be moving with the GPS or the optical flow, adding more uncertainty to your samples.
You have 3 real options.

  1. Put the GPS on the ground right on the point you want to sample, take a 5 ish min sample, repeat for all points, then go home and post process (aka PPK) to an online base station (you will need exact time stamps on your samples)
  2. Put a base station down start logging then take your drone to the sample point pull a sample on all GCPs then go home and do PPK on your data,
  3. Put a base station down and setup RTK and fly to each point shot a picture (as long as your gimbal has a good IMU) or land with the GPS center over your point, sadly with GPS we can afford you MUST have a ref GPS or you will not know the drift at any point in time and will have uncertainty on your sampled points longer samples don’t help a lot unless you’re talking days long sample sets (even then not as good)