CAN is One Step closer!


SL Can is in!!!

Thank you Siddharth! Thank you Tridge!

Now we can get people to start testing the CAN HERE V2 :slight_smile:

Update via mission planner coming very very soon thanks to @Michael Oborne :slight_smile:

@Jonathan will be putting the firmware for the CAN GPS on very soon… (the first firmware to go on it! )

This will be home to all the acessories, herelink firmwares etc…


Excellent :blush:

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Wow ,Yes and more wow’s and yeses thank you every one involved,will start testing as soon as available

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I can’t wait to test my new Pixhawk 2.1 with the Here 2 GPS hopefully there will be some more information online also! I am not sure what cable to use with the CAN function. But I am sure that everything will be clear and work out great as the puzzle pieces are slowly coming together.

Keep up the good work!!


Hi Philip,hope all is good any eta on the can update please cant wait to start beta testing it and thanks for all the hard work.

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It’s in the hands of the hex flight test team. Michael is working on the method of getting it to your gps via mission planner

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Thank you Philip,ive ordered a Tanker full of midnight oil to help the team,lol

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