Can you use Here3 with RTK for surveying

good morning,
i am looking to do some land serveying in the near future and i em going to be getting some Here 3’s for my Drone, and was thinking i should be able to use them to do the serveying as well, but i am not 100% sure how to set it all up
i would need RTK so need a base station but not sure how to link the two and if i would need a cube runing rover or what, any one with experance can help?

Yes. You can use it as RTK rover, but not base.
You will need a HerePro as base, or using Here+ base

sorry i should have been more clear,
with out an auto pilot, i want to use it as a hand held Servy device like a Reach RS2

It will be difficult because you either need to read the data from UAVCAN, or make a device for passthrough.
You may refer to the Here3 update instruction to understand how to connect it to serial: