Change HereLink IP Address

Hi All,

Is there any chance of changing the IP address for herelink device ? We will need to use the device in an alternate network with a different class. Please advise.


You can set the WiFi to what you want however the internal link IP is fixed.

Thanks for your reply. How will this work in the below use case ?\

HereLink device has an ip of (

Wifi router’s is set to run in range extender mode and bridged with Herelink device and it’s static IP is set to start from say

I connect my laptop running mission planner to the wifi router (either wired or wifi). Now the laptop gets a IP address in range 192.168.2.x , if i try to connect to the drone using UDPCI option this will not work.

Please give me your valuable inputs.

no you cant change the ip range of the android hotspot.

you can connect the herelink to an existing hotspot though, and share it that way that is in your existing range

Thanks Michael. I tried the below but it doesn’t seem to work. Let me know if i need to do anything additional.

Made Herelink connect to wifi router’s 5 Ghz option , now herelink’s IP address was

Connected Laptop running mission planner using ethernet , now laptop ip address was
Did a ping test from laptop to herelink ip and it worked fine.

Opened mission planner selected udpci option for connect and gave the herelink ip address and gave 14552 as port. The connection was not successfull.

Tried connecting MP using wireless option using UDP and that was not success full either.

Please advise.

The 192.168.0.x range is excluded for any external network. As it conflicts with an internal one