Clone herelink firmware image and flash custom image


Is it possible to clone our Herelink’s firmware image, and then use it to flash new Herelinks with that image, so we don’t have to setup the whole environment again everytime we need a new Herelink?

If this is a duplicate question, or there’s documentation somewhere about this specific thing, feel free to just refer me to it.

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You may check this for OEM image setup:

Hello @Alvin

Thank you for your answer, I was able to replicate what was described in the docs, though it doesn’t exactly fit my needs, since it requires us to manually modify files inside the mount directory.

Do you think it’s possible for me to directly clone the image of our RU to permanently have a copy of our current environment? Something that could, for example, allow me to connect the Remote Unit to my PC, run a command that clones the current image and generate a .img file that I could use to flash any other RU’s.

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Simple answer is no.
If you still want to, that would require business discussion.


That is a shame, but I will see if I can make it work just with the OEM image setup mentioned earlier.

Thank you.