How to create and install a custom HERELINK firmware without entering in developer mode


We are developing a custom application for out Herelink. Right now we have development Herelinks that have the developer tools enabled. This is fine for development, however, we want to have a more linear solution to deploy our app, that doesn’t require enabling developer options and usb debugging, to just install our application on a client’s product.

In the same way that we currently flash or update the firmware on the Herelink, is there a way for us to have a custom firmware that allows us to install our apk directly with firmware, instead of going through all the previously mentioned process? This would allow us to simply flash the firmware once and it’s ready to deploy, with our app ready, without any further intervention.

PS: I realize this post might be a little redundant with my previous post, but the idea is a little different, where it’s not about cloning the current image, but simply have a firmware with our app ready to install.

Thank you.