Compass Here3 recalibration (again)

Good morning everyone

I made another UAV and calibrated the in-Flight compass (as I always do) with Cune Orange and Here3 as GPS
After the calibration of the compass I used it about 5 times.
About a week after these flights, this morning I put it in flight and seemed a little less precise; So I redone the calibration of the compass (always “in-flight”)

The question is this: why ???
Is it normal to have to recalibrate the compass several times? Whenever you calibrate it, “refine” the calibration better?

Reading the notes of Here3 and Cube Orange, I seemed to have understood that it is a fairly evolved system and that it even allows me to change geographical area in the world without potentially not having to recalibrate as it already has the entire map of magnetic deviations internally

So I wonder why I had to calibrate the compass several times, flying to the same place?

Thanks to those who will answer me

Hello Frank,

Just for curiosity, why you perform the in-flight compass calibration instead of the standard calibration?

I usually perform the standard calibration with strict fitness and I can fly for months without recalibrating it.

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hi Bruno…. thanks for reply…. because it is large and that is with a wheelbase of 1.4m and it is quite tiring to manage it with your arms. Furthermore, I understand that in the “in-flight” mode it acquires a real spectrum of dynamic flight including any static components caused by the carbon propellers (I’m not exactly sure about this … however I seemed to have read this)

Hum I understood Frank… But Im afraid I cant help you with this cause I have never used the in-flight calibration. But have you ever saw the mag calibration for large vehicles available at MP? I think I have already saw some people using it with nice results.

yes Bruno… but I think that the calibration for large aircraft is what I do and that is the “in flight” one but I could be wrong. I’ll check…. thanks Bruno for the replies