Compass learning fail

good morning dear friends of the group…

a quick info to which I have not found an answer.

I often use the in-flight compass calibration function with compass-learning (value 3), then if I hear the buzzer beep then I know it has finished but sometimes I don’t hear it and I continue for the test session. Usually, at the next power up, I check that the value 3 has returned to 0 and so I am sure that it has acquired the geomagnetic data…. today he didn’t want to go back to 0 … I made 3 altHold flights of about 10 minutes each (with very strong winds among other things) but it never brought the value back to 0 … do you have any suggestions about it?

thank you

EDIT: I apologize … I replied the post on Cube Autopilot that seems to me more indicated
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